Prehnite Ring. Prehnite Properties.

I love this mineral !! Prehnite, by itself it is a precious mineral, but also contains rutile inside …  I find it fascinating. I could spend hours observing it. It gives me a sense of calm and tranquility. Prehnite Ring. This is a ring made by hand, it’s unique. Ethnic Style Ring. It’s made with … Continuar leyendo “Prehnite Ring. Prehnite Properties.”

Raw Kyanite Ring. Kyanite Properties.

With this ring made with rough kyanite, you can enjoy all the properties that are attributed to this mineral. Rough Kyanite Ring Especially recommended for those suffering from vertigo and dizziness, It is said this stone that protects and brings good luck to lovers in their relationships and their conquests. It is a good stone … Continuar leyendo “Raw Kyanite Ring. Kyanite Properties.”