Anillo Larimar.

Descubrí éste mineral hace años durante un viaje con mi marido a Amsterdam. En esos tiempos, yo todavía no habia descubierto mi pasion: La Joyeria Artesanal. Nunca ante lo había visto, era para mí desconocido. Pero a partir de ése momento me fascinó. Anillo De Plata Con Larimar. Años despues, despertó mi hobby, y desde … Continuar leyendo “Anillo Larimar.”

Citrine Earrings. Citrine Properties.

This mineral promotes positive atmosphere, good mood ?? we should to be around citrine … 🙂 Citrine Earrings.   Citrine Properties: Belonging to the large family of quartz Citrine is associated with prosperity and generosity. Tilt humor, nourishes the spirit and promotes concentration. This is a direct stimulant of the mind. In the environment and purifies … Continuar leyendo “Citrine Earrings. Citrine Properties.”

Prehnite Ring. Prehnite Properties.

I love this mineral !! Prehnite, by itself it is a precious mineral, but also contains rutile inside …  I find it fascinating. I could spend hours observing it. It gives me a sense of calm and tranquility. Prehnite Ring. This is a ring made by hand, it’s unique. Ethnic Style Ring. It’s made with … Continuar leyendo “Prehnite Ring. Prehnite Properties.”