Anillo Con Esmeralda Natural.

Hoy os dejo este original anillo con una Esmeralda en estado natural. Anillo Con Esmeralda Natural Es un anillo sencillo, pero muy original. Es de plata, ajustable. Lo he hecho trabajando la plata, para darle un estilo étnico. Podéis encontrarlo en mi tienda Etsy.

Pyrite Ring.

Discover this ring in my Etsy shop. It’s made with a spectacular natural Pyrite. Pyrite Ring. Pyrite  Properties: Pyrite is an excellent energy shield It is a very positive stone Stimulates the flow of ideas Promotes diplomacy Relieves anxiety and frustration Enhances self-esteem and confidence It is useful in cases of deep melancholy and despair … Continuar leyendo “Pyrite Ring.”

Raw Kyanite Ring. Kyanite Properties.

With this ring made with rough kyanite, you can enjoy all the properties that are attributed to this mineral. Rough Kyanite Ring Especially recommended for those suffering from vertigo and dizziness, It is said this stone that protects and brings good luck to lovers in their relationships and their conquests. It is a good stone … Continuar leyendo “Raw Kyanite Ring. Kyanite Properties.”